Saviors for Camp Jabberwocky


To the Editor:

At Camp Jabberwocky, we are the fortunate recipients of this Island’s generosity and goodwill throughout the year. This past week however, members of the community truly sprang into action in our behalf, and for this we’d like extend special thanks.

Last Friday night, just as our campers were settling into their beds, an underground wire in the camp’s electrical system combusted and sent flames crawling along the power lines on Greenwood Avenue. As we watched events unfold and accounted for everyone’s safety, we began to prepare for the daunting possibility of running the camp without electrical power for several days.

Our large walk-in refrigerator and freezer would have to be cleared out, laundry shipped elsewhere, meals served on disposable foodware, campers forced to endure cold showers and forgo using their electrical adaptive devices. This difficult scenario was averted however because of a wonderful confluence of excavators, electricians, and Nstar workers on the Island.

Steve Trieschmann, our caretaker, stayed up throughout the night with Island electrician Mark Forbus, who came immediately, loaned us his generator and hooked it up to run our walk-in refrigerator. Several of the workers offered their own materials and services should we need them in the coming days. It was clear that they loved the camp and would drop everything to help.

In what we view as heroic efforts, these men located the source of the underground troubles, dug it up, replaced the cable, and put everything back in order, all before early Saturday afternoon.

We had been planning on skipping our beach trip that day because we’d have no way to wash upon our return, but instead we hit State Beach with our usual abandon, all thanks to their very hard work and dedication. We know we are fortunate to be part of such an excellent community, and we thank these workers in particular for truly saving our summer. You have made a big difference.

Arthur Bradford

Joanna Romero DeSlavy

Co-directors, July Session

Camp Jabberwocky