Weeding enough for all


To the Editor:

In the spring of 2010, Oak Bluffs addressed the flooding problem at the south end of Waban Park by, among other fixes, planting perennials with the ability to soak up the rain as well as survive drought. After getting through the dry summer of 2010, the plants have come back strongly this year, but as so often happens, so have the weeds.

I’ve begun pulling the weeds, but it is a big task, and will need to be an ongoing one, so I’m looking for help.

Whether you’re a year-round resident, or seasonal, or even just a visitor, if you have any interest in gardening, here is an opportunity to pitch in to accomplish something that could be a point of pride for our town.

There’s no pay, other than the satisfaction that every gardener feels knowing that their creation is being given the chance to thrive.

We meet at 7:30 am on Wednesday and at least one other day, so please call me @ 508-693-9315 and we’ll coordinate our efforts.

Steve Auerbach

Oak Bluffs