Oak Bluffs police make arrest in East Chop break


Oak Bluffs police arrested Schuyler Redd, 27, of Oak Bluffs and Boston, in connection with a break-in at an unlocked house on Monhegan Avenue while the homeowners slept upstairs in the early morning of June 22.

That morning the thief stole three Apple Macbook computers, an Apple iPad, an Apple iPod, and backpacks, Oak Bluffs police Lt. Tim Williamson said.

Police will seek charges against Mr. Redd for unarmed burglary, larceny from a building, and larceny over $250.

Last week, police received information that someone was trying to sell computers outside a Tisbury business, according to a police press release. “Further investigation led police to Mr. Redd, who ultimately confessed to breaking into the house, taking the computers from the house, and attempting to sell them,” police said. “Mr. Redd accompanied police to his home last Friday night to recover computers taken from the victim’s home.”

Lieutenant Williamson said a news brief published in The Martha’s Vineyard Times (June 30, “Thieves steal electronics from home as Oak Bluffs family sleeps”) generated tips that led to the arrest.

“Oak Bluffs Police would like to thank the members of the community who came forward to report Mr. Redd’s suspicious activity,” the lieutenant said, “and acknowledge the assistance of Edgartown Police Department, Sgt. Det. Chris Dolby, who also provided information that was key to solving this case.”