Religious hypocrisy, wherever it’s found


To the Editor:While I am deeply appreciative of the MV Times, and in particular, Don Hinkle, for reviewing my latest Olympia Brown mystery, “An Unspeakable Mission,” [July 6, In Print : Vineyard author Judy Campbell speaks on new book Saturday] I need to make a contextual correction and have been invited by the editorial staff to do so. I thank you all for offering me this opportunity to “set the record straight.”

Mr. Hinkle writes, “in ‘An Unspeakable Mission,’ Ms. Campbell has found another villain and a major religion to attack.'” And later on he states, “In this book the Rev. [Judy] Campbell beats up on the Catholic religion. except for Olympia’s friend, the gay priest, and some loving nuns.”

Here, Mr. Hinkle has missed the point of what I am trying to say with my mysteries.

The sub-agenda of my mysteries is to expose religious hypocrisy and to challenge cultural and social stereotyping. As a religious professional, I love the study and practice of religion and loathe those groups or individuals who would deceive us in the name or supposed practice of religion. And that is not limited to any one religious denomination or sect, as my future mysteries will demonstrate.

Let me end by saying, I’m pleased that Mr. Hinkle found my characters believable and that he looks forward to the next in the series. And further, let me again express my appreciation to all concerned for permitting me to speak my piece.

Judy Campbell

Oak Bluffs