I wish I could list off all of the wonderful people who have wandered through the Texaco door over the last month and mentioned having read my column. Sometimes I find myself sitting in front of a blank computer screen wondering where to begin. I guess this is referred to as writer’s block, which I experience often, especially when I don’t sit down to compose until the hours that cross Sunday night over to Monday morning. Your kind words make it all worthwhile. For that, I thank you.

It’s about time the Ganz/Singer family is back for a much needed break from the New Mexico fires. Claire is here with Owen and Hugh but no Tom yet. Hugh has been beaching it with the Bunker family. Owen has already put a big bass on the dinner table. I don’t know how he does it. After squidding the other night I told Brooks he really needed a shower before bed. He said to me, “Mom, I smell awesome. I smell just like Owen.” It was meant in the most admiring and complimentary fashion.

I just let the cat out of the bag. Squid have been caught off the dock in Menemsha. We have had a few late nights filled with excited kids, not to mention adults commenting on how fun it is to jig them up, “like I used to do as a kid.” Does anyone know the recipe for getting squid ink out of clothing? Marshall is correct when he refers to the little creatures as nature’s squirt guns.

Johnny Graham had an impromptu day off on Sunday and found himself knee-high in clams aboard the Retriever with Alec Gale. Sometimes it pays to be in the right place at the right time. Perhaps this time it paid off for Alec with Johnny’s extra set of laboring hands.

Geoff, Cara, and Sena Schroeder are visiting Geoff’s parents Bob and Linae. Geoff and his sister Sam used to travel from Connecticut on the family boat, Thin Ice, to spend their summers in Menemsha. It’s hard to believe the little blondies that used to pump gas now have children of their own. Sam is scheduled to arrive soon with her pack of three in tow. The Schroeders are all visiting with good friends Paul and Karen DiMaura.

The Elisa Brickner Poetry Contest is now in its 15th year at the Chilmark Library. The contest is open to any child entering grades 6 through 12. The deadline for entry is Monday, August 8. You can get further information from the fantastic folks at the Library. Stop by during their regular hours or give a call 508-645-3360.

Marianne Neill is showing her most recent gouache paintings at the Chilmark branch of Sovereign Bank. The show runs from July 29 to August 5. All are welcome to attend her opening reception on Friday, July 29 from 4 to 6 pm.

On Wednesday, August 3, at 5:30 pm, at the Chilmark Public Library, former CIA lawyer Vicki Divoll will present a lecture titled Can the President Keep Counterterrorist Operations Secret from Congress?

Speaking of the library, Kristen Maloney recently celebrated her 20th year surrounded by glorious books. Her co-workers threw a carrot cake and pomegranate lemonade party in her honor.

Menemsha was overflowing with members of the Greenebaum family — Michael, Debby, Sally, Katie, Susie, Mateo, Niko, Sam, Alice, Jake, Linda, and Luis. At the Ambulos house they have Alex Supko and Lara Keller visiting from Maryland. Alex celebrated his 20th birthday with a gathering at Cathy Thompson’s. Anne Kuh and Cathryn Gunnerson will be visiting the Straight family, also from Maryland. Mary Ambulos took great pride as she strolled Menemsha with Alex, Lara, and Cathy pointing out that they had bumped into ten different branches of their family — having seen Jessica (Burt) Miller at the Menemsha Cafe and Sarah Kuh with daughter Sofia DeGeofroy at the beach. Meanwhile, Gabriel Ambulos is off-Island at the New England Revolution Academy camp with three other members of the U-11 travel soccer team. They will have three days of grueling soccer drills and lots of pizza in the Dean College dorm rooms. He is having a great time and has already invited two team players from Swansea to visit Martha’s Vineyard.

Sunday softball players will hold their hats over their hearts and pay tribute to a spirited player that we have lost after nearly 97 years to that baseball diamond in the sky. Bill Edison remembers one particular play that happened years ago when Ozzie Fischer leapt for a foul ball which tumbled him over a stone wall into the poison ivy, yet somehow he managed to come up with ball in hand. Ozzie will be missed on the farm, around town, and on the ball field. Heartfelt condolences go out to the Fischer family.