We have reached that point in the summer when all meteorological predictions are useless — if they say rain, slap on the sunscreen; if they say “oh, that orange blob on the radar will pass us right by,” make sure your windows are securely closed. We got caught in that crazy thunderstorm last weekend, riding in the Jeep with the top off. It was right at the end of that heat wave, and about ten minutes after the rain stopped, and everything near us was soaked, I remarked through chattering teeth, “Remember an hour ago when we were dying of heat?” Yup, it’s like that.

Barbara Morgan is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her grandson, Ethan, this weekend. Ethan and his mother, Liz, will be making their annual trip from Oklahoma to visit with family, go to the beach, consume copious amounts of ice cream, and I’m sure, fit in a couple of rides on the Flying Horses, now that father, Dylan, has made the move to O.B. Hope you guys have a great time.

Members of the Reading Room paid tribute last Thursday night to four of their members who are sharing the milestone of their 90th turns about the sun. Among those honored were John Brittain, Ray Ellis, Walter Eberstadt, and Bailey Norton. Charlotte Klein, who attended the function, recounted to me some of the remarks shared by these men whose breadth of knowledge and experience are such an asset to our community. Hats off to you, fellas.

Liz Villard kicked off a series of graveyard tours this week, which take a look into Island history through its beautiful, sometimes sad and sometimes witty, gravestones. Tours begin at 7 pm on Fridays (July 29 and August 12) and Tuesdays (August 2, 16, and 30) at the corner of Pease’s Point Way and Cooke Street. Liz also leads a walking tour called Ghost, Gossip, and Downright Scandal every Monday night at 7 pm, which provides a lighthearted look at the town’s history. These tours begin at the Whaling Church. For further info on either tour, and to reserve your space, call 508-627-8619.

The Edgartown Council on Aging has several trips upcoming that require advance reservations, so mark your calendars. Sail on the Alabama on Monday, August 22; visit the New Bedford Whaling Museum on Wednesday, September 7; or cruise Boston Harbor on Sunday, September 11. Itineraries available at The Anchors. For further information and to reserve your place, call 508-627-4368.

The MV Film Society has added to their offerings Tuesday Night Films at the Union Chapel in Oak Bluffs this summer. Upcoming films include “Cape Spin,” “Troubadours,” and “A Bird of the Air.” The Society will host the Martha’s Vineyard International Film Festival September 8 to 11, which has been named by MovieMaker magazine one of the Top 25 Film Festivals of 2010. For more information and for a schedule of upcoming events, visit mvfilmsociety.com.

I seem to be missing birthdays left and right around here. And it seems like there are so many! Happy belated birthday to Patricia Giumarra, who celebrated her day July 25. A toss of confetti goes out to my brother-in-law, Andy Smith, as well as to Vera Dello Russo, who both celebrate today (July 28). Best birthday wishes to Barbara Phillips, and Jane Barbini, August 1; to Peter Lambos, August 2; and to Derek Avakian, August 3.