The worst president ever


To the Editor:

Obama’s interest in the welfare of his fellow citizens is just amazing. He made all kinds of promises to get voted into office and then tossed them aside as soon as he got elected. Immigration, the level of unemployment, and just about everything else were just put aside. More than 50 percent of Americans are on food stamps, and he dines on quail while on vacation in his $50,000 weekly rental home on the elegant shores of Martha’s Vineyard.

He flies his wife to New York to attend a one-hour TV program with Oprah. President Obama flies his wife and kids on one plane to the Vineyard and then takes another plane a few hours later to fly himself to the same location. He did the same thing on his return to Washington. The cost of these double flights is of no concern to him.

Obama can easily raise a billion dollars to secure donations for his own personal reelection, but yet does not have the time to raise efforts to solve the problems of the unemployed, even when all of his policies to halt the misery of the recovery of the unemployed for more than two and a half years have failed. He refuses suggestions of others that have resulted in a recovery in previous recessions. He informs us that he has a solution, but then tells us that he will inform us of this new solution, but not until after his golfing vacation. Obama speaks of keeping more jobs here in America and then has the government purchase his two million dollar buses produced in Canada.

I will say one thing about Obama. He has my vote in the contest of who was the worst president in the history of this country. His presidency has been a total disaster.

Frank Tuttle