Money well spent – not


To the Editor:

I know there are a lot of high speed chases on the Island and the cheapest gas prices around, but why in the world are all the new cruisers V8’s? How much would the Island save as a whole if all town vehicles were economical cars? They have them in Germany, little hatchbacks, on the autobahn.

Wouldn’t look as cool, but how much would we save? Help the environment? Remember the oil spill? They ran it on TV for all to see.

Nobody cares. We are all so ignorant, it’s really pathetic. And the Segways? Seriously? How much did the treadmill cost Edgartown Police Department? And, why are you all related?

To provoke and enslave, I’m sorry, to protect and serve. Just think about all that time those vehicles are parked, running, for AC and heat, poor guys. And Oak Bluffs was how much over budget? $250,000? We need another officer, apply in person. Wow, on a finite planet with finite resources, exponential growth is a plan for extinction. Good luck kids.

Sam Hayes

Vineyard Haven