Easy Do-It-Yourself ideas

Brass panel behind the coat rack on the door to protect the wall. — Photo courtesy of Tom Hammond

Sometimes you don’t want to spend a fortune for a new lamp or a new coat rack. But most of the time, you have to choose between saving money and improving your home. Do-it-yourself tips, however, let you do both. With cheap, easy-to-find materials and a little bit of creativity, you can add a fun, personal touch to your house and your wardrobe.

Many bloggers around the World Wide Web share their ideas, and many of the Times readers have tips to offer as well.

Here are some ideas from our Facebook users.

Tom Hammond: “I put one of these (a brass door plate) on the back of most interior doors. The brass plate protects the wall, I always have a place to hang a jacket; and it gets the door stop off the floor so I can clean the floor easier.”

Allison Murphy: “Instead of using window treatments place shutters on either side of the window in the room, the ones with the decorative cut outs are the best.”

And one tip found on fashion blog, Sausy Glossie: a coffee filter lantern. Simply hot glue coffee filters to the lantern and hang it up in the middle of the room. It certainly looks different than a plain lantern.

If you have DIY tips for your kids’ Halloween costumes or home decorations, e-mail MV Times Web Coordinator Yoojin Cho at yoojin@mvtimes.com.