Readers share their favorite Martha’s Vineyard stores

— Photo by Katryn Yerdon

For a little something different this week, I thought you might enjoy reading about some of the column’s readers’ favorite shopping places. It’s always nice to learn where our neighbors are shopping and why, especially when it is on-Island. Thank you for reading and keep on shopping.

Ellen Reynolds, of Edgartown, shares, “This is the perfect time of year to let the creative juices flow. I love to go to CB Stark with a piece of beach glass or wampum that I found so that Jen can turn in into a beautiful pendant that reminds me of summer.” CB Stark, known for fine jewelry for both men and women, is located on Main Street in Vineyard Haven.

Bill Milakeve, also of Edgartown, was a little torn on which was his favorite, so he went with two places. “LeRoux because of their oil and balsamic selection along with the fact that I love to eat. Then there is Little Leona’s Pets & Supplies where I like to visit my girlfriend Cleo, a saffron cockatoo, while I peruse their assortment of fish and related supplies.” The well-known LeRoux at Home is located on Main Street in Vineyard Haven, while Little Leona’s is located at 126 State Road in West Tisbury. Little Leona’s is open 10 am to 5 pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and you will know you’ve arrived when you see the miniature horses, which is just one type of the many creatures they have available. Make sure to bring the kids so they can say hello to all the animals, birds and reptiles included.

In keeping with the animal theme, Melaney West of Katama enjoys, “Shopping at Island Alpaca for their warm gloves, hats, and scarves. They are a great alternative for me to stay warm as I am allergic to lambs wool, but the alpaca is perfect for me as I have no allergic reaction.” Her two-year old son, Connor, also likes to visit so he can pet the alpacas and see them play in the field. With an accessible location in the middle of the Island, Island Alpaca is just off the Edgartown/Vineyard Haven Road in Oak Bluffs.

Both Eileen Maley of West Tisbury and Kathy O’Sullivan of Edgartown favor our Island’s colorful, thrifty nature. Ms. Maley enjoys “The MV Community Services Thrift Shop in Vineyard Haven [located on Lagoon Pond Road across from the Post Office] as I always come home with an armful of things at great bargain prices.” Ms. O’Sullivan on the other hand visits “Most recently the MV Boy’s & Girls Club Second Hand Store [on North Summer Street] in Edgartown. I think the new people are doing a great job, and I always come out with something on my many trips in there. I also like Claudia’s Jewelry as I love the Pandora line that I get for my granddaughter at Christmastime.” Claudia’s is located on Main Street in Edgartown as well.

Anne McCarron, of Edgartown, visits “Trader Fred’s because he has some good sneakers and shoes, you just have to keep trying. I got some great sneakers there just the other day and I love his sales.” Trader Fred’s is located at the Triangle in Edgartown and has just opened a new storefront on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Lynn Buckmaster-Irwin, a wedding planner, appreciates “early mornings in Cronig’s on State Road in Vineyard Haven, as there is always helpful managers on the floor and it is very peaceful at this time. An example of why I love it is the other day I was looking for my favorite seltzer, but there was none on the shelves. A nice manager was near and offered to go see if there was any in back. He came out with a case and I took a few bottles. He informed me that I would get a discount if I bought it a case at a time, to which I told him I already get a discount with my Island Card. He kindly shared that I would still get the case discount on top of the Island Card, so I happily went out of the store with a full case feeling very well cared for.”