Tisbury will hold a special town meeting April 3


Tisbury kicks off the Island’s spring town meeting season on Tuesday, April 3. The special town meeting begins at 7 pm in the Tisbury School gymnasium.

The meeting warrant appears in today’s issue of The Times and online at mvtimes.com.

Among the warrant’s 15 articles, voters will be asked to take action to finance septic management upgrades for some residential properties, amend the water department’s 1905 charter, establish revolving funds for park facilities and the Spring Building, and approve a sidewalk easement for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum’s new facility on Lagoon Pond Road.

The warrant also includes several municipal “housekeeping” items. In keeping with Tisbury’s tradition, most spending articles will be addressed at the annual town meeting on April 10.

Article 12, however, asks voters to finance borrowing $200,000 to fund the repair, replacement, and/or upgrade of septic systems at residential properties, through agreements with the board of health and the property owners.

In keeping with language and provisions in state laws, Article 11 requests the town’s approval for filing a petition for special legislation to amend the town’s water department charter.

Articles seven and eight involve the establishment of revolving fund accounts for park services receipts and the Spring Building’s use. Revenues collected in the two funds would be used to defray the cost of maintenance and operations for park facilities and the Spring Building.

Article 10 requests voters’ approval of a sidewalk easement for the Martha’s Vineyard Museum. The museum plans to do renovations and construction on the former Marine Hospital property on Lagoon Pond Road, which will be its new home.