A more controlled dining experience


To the Editor:

I am writing to offer up a few observations about the new licensing we have in Aquinnah allowing the sale of beer and wine at the Outermost Inn.

Our payroll has 24 Island residents on it, and the success of our business is key to the economic well being of those families. The profit margin on beer and wine sales makes our economic position less precarious in these tough times.

It is my belief that a consistent beer and wine policy across the Vineyard would eliminate the confusing patchwork of policy that now exists between towns. It is also my belief, perhaps supported by ABCC enforcement agents and police, that on-premises sales is the pathway to more control. If alcohol is being consumed on commercial property, it should ultimately be strictly controlled by the establishment through sale, policy, and training. That is really hard to do when the establishment hasn’t supplied the product.

We have much greater control over the amount of alcohol consumed now, as our patrons are no longer bringing in unbridled amounts of product for consumption. And our dining room is much quieter.

Hugh Taylor