Yes on beer and wine sales


To the Editor:

West Tisbury is full of liberal thinkers, yet we’re taxed, mandated, regulated, permitted, and who knows what else to keep us in our pigeon holes. Getting rid of a portion of a puritanical law that forbids “libelous drink” would be a start in the right direction.

The restaurants in this town struggle enough to stay in business, and having the ability to sell alcoholic beverages would benefit them, and us, too. We’ve never minded BYOB, but it’s a turn‑off to a lot of people.

Actually, having this ability would make drinking a lot safer for the community. The restaurants would have the control to not serve if they felt a patron or party was imbibing too much. We especially like the Lambert’s Cove Inn, not only because it’s close but it’s a comfortable (and delicious) way to spend an evening. This is what makes dining out a pleasure, even if it’s only occasionally. Our other favorite restaurant is in Edgartown, a longer stretch of driving after drinking. We need our neighborhood restaurants and want to support them.

Vineyard Haven recently passed a law that allows beer and wine in restaurants, and it seems to be working just fine. It’s time for West Tisbury to do the same.

George and Debby Athearn

West Tisbury