Glenn Tunstull shows at Cousen Rose Gallery

"Morning Porch" captures a certain light. — Photo courtesy of Cousen Rose Gallery

Glen Tunstull’s work is filled with the vibrant colors of Vineyard beach scenes. On Saturday, August 18, Mr. Tunstull’s work goes on display at Cousen Rose Gallery in Oak Bluffs. Up until the 24th, A Vineyard Moment features oils and watercolors. The artist has coined a new term, “dash-ilism,” to describe his painting technique.

“My technique is based on pointillism, but because I don’t have the patience to do every color with a pin dot, I use broader strokes [dashes], and the work has an impressionistic feel to it,” said Mr. Tunstull.

“Typically I have heard that all of the detail [used by the pointillists] resulted in very short painting careers, with some veering into blindness. So I didn’t think I wanted that for my career.”

The artist’s dashes follow the Impressionists by emphasizing color rather than sharp lines. His paintings feature the bright shades of Vineyard skies and oceans, capturing the vitality given off by the landscape.

The block-like, pixellated look to some of his work succeeds in making it feel warm and inviting. The paintings are masterful without feeling painstaking — in fact, pain is probably the farthest thing from one’s mind when gazing at Mr. Tunstull’s idyllic scenes.

Mr. Tunstull lives in New York’s Hudson Valley, but he has shown at Cousen Rose for 13 consecutive seasons. He first came to Martha’s Vineyard in 1994. He didn’t return the following summer, but memories of the Island stayed with him.

“All the skies, lighting, and waterways kept calling me,” said Mr. Tunstull, who now spends long periods of time here. “I came back the year after and haven’t missed a year since.”

Prior to coming to the Island, he did paintings based on his travels abroad, including Paris, London, and Italy. Mr. Tunstull spends winters in Brazil, where he has a home.

“I painted from Provincetown to Wellfleet, and [in] the Hamptons, but once I got to the Vineyard, it was done,” Mr. Tunstull said. “This is where I want to spend my painting time.”

Glenn Tunstull, Vineyard Moments, August 18–24, Cousen Rose Gallery, Oak Bluffs. Opening reception, Saturday, Aug. 18, 7 to 9 pm.

For more information, contact Zita Cousens at 508-693-6656 or Additional information at or 917-548-6929.