The Times asks: What brought you to Jaws Fest?

Eric Pirola (left) and Jacob Walsh point to Becki Reiner's "Jaws" tattoo, done by Mr. Walsh. — File photo by Ben Williams

Since “Jaws” debuted in 1975, it has both kept people out of the water and drawn a following of fans who flock to Martha’s Vineyard to see where the “action” took place.

Last week, devoted “finatics” from around the world converged on the Island for Jaws Fest, four days of discussions with actors and shark experts, and a screening of the film in Ocean Park, Oak Bluffs.

The Times circled around the event’s center in Oak Bluffs last weekend to learn about the movie’s appeal by asking people, “What brings you to Jaws Fest?”

Paul McPhee, artist, of Vineyard Haven

“I’m a ‘Jaws’ fanatic. I saw it when it came out when I was eight and it changed my life. I moved here after the first Jaws Fest in 2005.”

Mr. McPhee is licensed by Universal Studios to paint images of “Jaws,” and is the creator of the Jaws Fest 2012 poster.

Jeff Kneebone and Megan Winton of Fairhaven

“When I was little I liked it because there was a shark in it. Now I like it just because it’s an awesome movie. We’re both interested to hear what Dr. Greg Skomal has to say.”

John Chisolm of Plymouth

“Work. And because I love ‘Jaws.'”

Eric Pirola of New York

“It is the greatest movie ever made.”

Becki Reiner of New York

“It’s the perfect movie.”

Dan Turner of Plymouth

“It’s classic. It’s for everybody.”