Seasonal colors fill stores on Martha’s Vineyard


Fall is here, and it is certainly a colorful time of year. Taking a casual walk down Main Street in Vineyard Haven last week, I was struck at the kaleidoscope of fall colors emanating from the storefronts. It is a nice time to head out for a little sunshine and crisp air, and maybe you can find a perfect fall-colored something for yourself or your home. Here is a sampling of options I found.

At Citrine, a bead and women’s clothing store, fall is in the air with their Ozone over-the-knee socks, a Belgo Lux Belt, or a Pickastitch wrap scarf, along with a host of footwear and beads.

Island Fashion, a women’s clothing and accessory store located in the plaza by Bob’s Pizza, has exceptional coordinating bra and panty sets, tall leather boots, jackets, and even fall-ish bathing suits for that warm-weather vacation.

Nochi, a store that offers everything from fresh flowers to home décor and clothing, embodies the natural neutral colors found in nature. With many soft shades of brown and beige, you may be pleased with this season’s shades in such special items as Re-set Italian sweaters, elbow length fingerless gloves, and Prairie Underground sweat jackets (they are too stylish to call them sweatshirts in my humble opinion).

As you walk in to the Beach House, you immediately smell the outdoors via the sweet scents of fall emanating from the candles and soaps. Hues of nature can be found in the Green Tea Energizing body wash and lotion by NECTAR, along with the seasonal paper products for those pleasant holiday guests. You could also splurge on a cooking apron or linen napkins to complete your hostess/host duties. You could also go over the top by adding in some indestructible Le Deaux poly carb glasses, and their autumn-themed dishes and hand towels have just arrived.

Bespoke Abode, a home furnishings and accessories boutique that offers an expanded line of its very own Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Company pieces, encourages you to find the pieces that are perfect for you. If you are one who loves the bright oranges to the shades of brown denoted by the changing of the trees, then you are in the right place. Their line of pendant lights will give you atmospheric light, while their colorful poof ottoman is on sale, and their M.V. Furniture Company’s original designed Zip Code Pillows let people pick their favorite town. The carpets and so much more can be customized to be partnered with their interior design company, Martha’s Vineyard Interiors.

Mix, a store that sells both new and vintage items, is located on the corner of Main and Union streets. Leave plenty of time to browse when you enter this treasure of a store. In my perusal, I found the season’s hues in their beaded colored belts by About Color that had unique wooden clasps, along with American Southside Alpaca sweaters, Salaam shirts that are made in the U.S., and Baggallini bags that would look great with the Grace woven hats.

Also on this corner is Two Susan’s, a smart gift shop that stocks items for your garden to your table and everyplace in between. Here it was tough to pick just a few samples of the season because it is filled with so many appropriate wonders. Most appropriate goes to Leaf Leather Bags that have a black leather base and a brown overlay with leaves etched into it. Next to these bags are Spartina bags, and hanging above them was Jungle Bird Wind chimes that just might be mistaken for an actual bird. If you enjoy a terrific smelling home, the San Miguel Teakwood diffuser can assist with that task.

Finally, Off Main, a gift store that is known for books, nautical items, selections for children, and knickknacks for the home, has an all-time favorite selection of lighted floral bunches that will brighten any space. Their current selection is very earthy in hue and available in a broad style of flowers. The bamboo all-occasion Veneerware provides a feel-good solution for the need for disposable dishes and flatware, while Jennifer Thames original earrings will have all the ladies wondering where you got them.

Whatever your reason, head out and enjoy the kaleidoscope of fall colors in the foliage and in shops. As this was just a small sampling of what is available in Vineyard Haven in my favorite seasonal hues, you are encouraged to visit us at and comment on the column with some of your favorites.