New Year’s Eve celebrating requires New Year’s Eve Shopping


New Year’s Eve is well known for its revelry, and this year should be no exception. Whether you are intending to snug-in at home with family around or deciding to step out in your finest to a friend’s celebration or the much anticipated party at the Harbor View Hotel in Edgartown, you will more than likely need to complete some pre-celebration shopping. Here are some suggestions to help you get ready for your chosen celebration venue.

If you are staying at home, you should have a few things on hand for the just-in-case to the will-do’s. Setting up an area for snacking will be a must, as this is by far one of the longest celebrations we will have each year. Make it festive with some new, colorful linens that you can get at the Beach House on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. While there you might choose a new, fragrant body soap or scrub that you can use per-party.

Why not step up your food selections as well? Instead of the old standby chips and salsa, stop by Bunch Of Grapes on Main Street in Vineyard Haven or Edgartown Books on Main Street in Edgartown to buy a new cookbook and get inspired. Games, games, games are a must for a long, family evening. They will provide entertainment, while encouraging family bonding in a fun environment. The Toy Box in the Tisbury Marketplace or Granite Ace Hardware at the Triangle in Edgartown are two stores well stocked with games for the whole family. If you would like to adopt an English tradition that is fun all evening, get a set of Christmas Crackers (a personal party in a cardboard tube that usually contains a colored paper hat or crown, a small toy or trinket and a motto, joke, riddle or piece of trivia written on a piece of paper). Many of our Island stores are selling these colorful creations, such as Past & Presents on Main Street in Edgartown.

Looking to head out for a night on the town? You have the option to take an existing outfit and add something new to make it fresh or you could just splurge on a whole new outfit. Keep in mind many people consider the New Year’s Eve celebrations a more formal event, so you might want to leave the jeans at home.

Ladies, if you are looking to upgrade your outfit, perhaps a new pair of earrings or a new bag might be in order. While many Island stores could fulfill your needs, perhaps you would like to shop the new Italian leather purses available at Sheila Allen Styles on Main Street in Edgartown and while there you could review their very large selection of costume jewelry to see what strikes your fancy.

If you are looking for a full look from head to toe, or just a new accessory to dress up a current outfit hanging in your closet, a trip to Outrageous in Nevin Square (off Winter Street) in Edgartown or Laughing Bear on Circuit Avenue in Oak Bluffs can complete the task in one fell swoop.

Gentlemen, all the outfit help you desperately need may be had from such greats as Vineyard Vines in Nevin Square, at Sundog on Main Street in Edgartown and at Brickman’s on Main Street in Vineyard Haven. Both men and women should also remember this season’s newest collections, available at Midnight Farm on Main Street in Vineyard Haven.

Whatever you choose to do this New Year’s Eve, may it ring in your happiest and healthiest year yet.