We made it through a very rainy and cold Memorial Day weekend, although the weather turned nice towards the end. This didn’t seem to deter visitors, and the Island seemed packed with people. The traffic insanity has begun: every time I drove down Island I had to maneuver past many bicyclists and even a couple dreaded mopeders. I also witnessed many egregious driving, parking, and stopping errors, but I feel like it’s a little early in the season to really start complaining about all that, but give me a couple weeks and I will be more than happy to vent. Did anyone catch the double rainbow on Saturday night? And the remarkable sunset and the subsequent full moon? All amazingly beautiful.

A memorial fund has been set up for the son of Robin Robinson Smith and stepson of Hollis Smith of Aquinnah; Christopher Rifkind tragically lost his life in a motorcycle accident on April 27 in Riverside, California. Donations in any amount would be greatly appreciated and help defray the many unexpected expenses that came with this tragic loss. Donations may be sent to: Robin Smith, P.O. Box 238, Chilmark, MA 02535. Robin and Hollis thank everyone for their kind thoughts at this sad time.

Nicole Corbo is back on the Island to begin her second season running Aloha Paddle MV. Her hopes are to continue to spread the aloha spirit to Martha’s Vineyard through Stand up Paddling lessons, classes and SUP style Yoga. I know a couple of people who did it last summer and they said they got very strong just from doing it two times a week. On June 10, the popular Rise and Shine 7 am Paddling Fitness Group will begin as well as a Sunset Paddling group class. These classes are a great way to exercise and socialize on the water. Group lessons, tours, rentals, and private instruction will be available throughout the summer. Please reserve your spot soon; spaces are limited due to board availability. Call Nicole at home 508-645-1314, cell 808-640-6935 or or visit her new website at to book your SUP activity this summer.

Mimi Trimmer, and her husband, Todd, hosted a birthday party for Mimi at the Chilmark Tavern last Tuesday, the highlight of which was a watermelon cake made by Alex Taylor. It was amazing, about 10 inches high and solid watermelon fruit in the shape of a cake decorated with strips of cantaloupe, candied ginger, and topped with fresh raspberries and a paper flag that said, “Happy Birthday Mimi.” I think it was the best cake Mimi ever got.

Congratulations to Janis Vogel, who married Liz Nelson on May 27. Lots of Aquinnah summer people were around this weekend as well. Welcome back to Sheryl and Eric Berke, Doug and Susan Kline, and Bruce and Shelly Eckman and everyone else who I did not get to see.