Fuel flowing, Edgartown selectmen will monitor marine service

The Edgartown fuel dock is currently closed. — Photo by Steve Myrick

Edgartown town administrator Pam Dolby reported to selectmen Tuesday that R.M. Packer company made the necessary repairs and received the necessary permits to sell marine fuel to recreational boaters in Edgartown Harbor in time for the Memorial Day holiday.

“The upgrades, the fuel, were signed off by the fire marshal and the fire chief on Friday,” Ms. Dolby said. “He’s under a 30-day agreement to get upgrades completed.”

Remaining upgrades include replacing pipes and replacing fuel pumps.

Ms. Dolby said that company owner Ralph Packer has ordered all the necessary parts and agreed to make a weekly progress report to the town.

Ms. Dolby said she wanted to make it clear that Mr. Packer has a valid lease for the town property he uses. His original 10-year lease was up in 2011, and he exercised an option to renew it for another 10 years.

Ms. Dolby confirmed that R.M. Packer is $20,000 in arrears on lease payments, which are set at $10,000 annually. A $10,000 payment for the current year is due June 1.

In other action, selectmen asked building inspector Lenny Jason to respond to a letter of complaint about zoning violations from homeowners in the neighborhoods near Old Dunham Corner Road.

The neighbors had a number of complaints, that included commercial vehicles, commercial equipment, abandoned cars, and illegal apartments at 9 Slough Cove Road. The property is owned by Robert Sequeira. Mr. Jason said the owner no longer lives on the property.

The building was the scene of a small fire in December 29, 2012. Police, fire, and health officials investigated and found numerous code violations and illegal apartments, and ordered water and electricity to the building shut off.

“We didn’t know there was anybody in that barn until it caught fire,” Mr. Jason said. “There has been nobody in there since.”

Mr. Jason said most of the complaints cited in the letter have either been corrected, or are not violations of the building and zoning codes.

Selectmen asked Mr. Jason to make a site visit and return with further recommendations.