“Hot Tuna” one of two ocean life films at the Film Society

A still from the film "Hot Tuna" to be screened Saturday evening, 7:30, at the Martha's Vineyard Film Center. — Photo courtesy of Wild Logic

In recognition of World Oceans Day, Saturday, June 8, the Martha’s Vineyard Film Society, in association with the Vineyard Haven based Heaven in Ocean Productions, will present two films about ocean life.

At 4 pm, “Planet Ocean,” an award-winning film that takes a global view of ocean life, will be screened. It includes stunning aerial and underwater footage that documents marine environmental changes alongside ocean miracles around the world. From plankton to whales, fisheries to sea vegetable farming, the film focuses on the necessity of stewarding ocean resources, on which all life depends.

“Planet Ocean” won the cinematography award at the 2012 Blue Ocean Film Festival, and premiered at the Earth Summit, in Rio, in 2012. There will be no charge for this film.

At 7:30 pm, see “Hot Tuna,” a film two years in the making by three-time Emmy award-winning cinematographer and marine biologist Rick Rosenthal and narrated by David Attenborough. With spectacular aerial and underwater footage, the film plumbs the secrets of the legendary and endangered bluefin tuna, on a quest for the last refuge of this giant among fish.

The film makes a case for the bluefin as the ultimate marine animal, one of the fastest, most powerful, and most intelligent fishes in the sea and a fish that is also highly prized. “Worth more than its weight in silver, it’s being fished to the brink of extinction,” according to the film.

“Hot Tuna’s” second cameraman Eric Savetsky of Nantucket, executive director of the Nantucket Land Bank, and pilot/photographer Wayne Davis will speak and answer questions after the film.

Admission for “Hot Tuna” is $10, $7 for M.V. Film Society members. For more information, contact Bob MacLean at heaveninocean@earthlink.net.