Part flea, part farmer’s market – the Oak Bluffs Open Market

Michelle McMorrow with clothes and curios. — Photo by Gwyn McAllister

Antiques, crafts, and farm products make up the eclectic mix at the weekly Oak Bluffs Open Market. Every Sunday, 20 or so vendors set up at Washington Park, across from Our Market on New York Avenue, from 9 am to 1 pm to sell their wares, serve food, treat customers to chair messages, and even tell fortunes. It’s a real hodgepodge of artisans, farmers, curio dealers, and others.

Last Sunday, there were a couple of vendors selling veggies, herbs, and flowers, a stand featuring Island honey, and another offering Martha’s Vineyard Sea Salt. The Egg Roll Lady, well-known for the Asian treats she sells at the West Tisbury Farmers’ Market, was on hand with egg rolls, cold rolls, and more, plus a new line: baked goods by her son, a recent culinary school graduate.

There were quite a few people selling jewelry, either vintage or handmade, and some hand-crocheted and knitted items, as well as a smattering of antiques and vintage clothes dealers.

The O.B. Open Market offers a great opportunity to pick up small, unique Island made gifts like little fleece wrapped figurines made from spun wool from Island sheep by Stephanie Rossi and fun colorful fabric and crocheted items from Andrea Olsen. Her line, Little Nibblers Snack Bags and More, has expanded to include full size fabric bags, dish cloths, potholders, and handmade scrubbies.

Sissie Boyd of Edgartown sells affordable knitwear and wooden items made by her late husband, which she has hand-painted with fun designs. Her collection includes bookends, custom frames with hand quilling, and kids’ step-up stools and chairs. She also offers old linens. When her husband was still alive, Ms. Boyd travelled to craft shows throughout the East Coast with her handmade products and did the Chilmark Flea Market for many years.

Jordan Rebello sells, in her words, “vintage clothes, jewelry, antiques, and cool junk.” Her clothing racks feature blast from the past items like Indian print skirts, suede jackets, and polyester wear, as well as some new funky pieces. Last Sunday she had on display two vintage Coke signs and a huge antique architectural rendering of the Lagoon Heights area of Oak Bluffs. The attractive print, says Ms. Rebello, was valued at $1,500 10 years ago. She’s selling it for $600 and hopes someone will buy it for an Oak Bluffs cottage.

Jo Layton’s interior design background was in evidence in her artful display of antique items. She specializes in old kitchen, fishing, nautical, and farm-related items. An antique wooden boot jack she had on her table last weekend was the object of interested speculation by a number of shoppers.

Michelle McMorrow of Edgartown has young children and works six days a week, but she takes her day off to sell clothes, prints, jewelry, and all kinds of knickknacks at reasonable prices. Jerry Visconti, who owns the store The Gypsy’s Suitcase in Vineyard Haven, is a Vineyard flea market veteran who has set up shop at the Chilmark Flea Market for many years. He’s trying his luck with the O.B. Market this year, selling a range of items imported from southeast Asia, including a few exotic things such as snake vertebra and fish vertebra necklaces.

And, for those visitors with no extra room in their suitcases, a chair massage is $1 a minute from Eclipse Massage, and tarot card readings by Holly Nadler are $10 — a small price to pay, for your physical, or spiritual, well-being.

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