Entrain to headline at Flatbread

The band Entrain is (left to right) Brian Alex, Kosei Yamaguchi, m'Talewa, Tom Major, and Sam Holmstock. Not pictured is Rick Bausman. — Photo courtesy of Entrain

It’s been 20 years since the band known as Entrain — originally a Vineyard summer project — first got together, and they are still turning out their signature brand of upbeat rhythm-based dance friendly music. Entrain is playing at Flatbread Co., located near the airport, on Saturday, July 27, at 9:30 pm.

Drummer Tom Major was playing behind rock and roll pioneer Bo Diddley and living in New York City when he took a summer break on Martha’s Vineyard in 1993.

“I thought it would be fun to put together a pickup band of local musicians while I was here, just for the summer,” he told The Times. Judd Fuller, Johnny Cruz, Rick Bausman, Sam Holmstock, and Rob Loyot were part of the group along with Mr. Major. They called themselves Entrain.

Mr. Major’s seven years with Bo Diddley left a deep imprint. The latter’s signature beat has become a staple of rock and roll. Mr. Diddley pushed rhythm as a primary element in his songs, and so has Mr. Major.

Entrain’s members have come and gone and returned, sometimes depending on where the band is playing, but Mr. Major’s dominate drums are still at the core of their sound. The band has been turning out its own brand of rhythm-charged funk, world music, rock, danceabilly — whatever you want to call it — music and their enthusiasm has not diminished.

“We have matured lyrically,” Mr. Major said. “As many of our fans have gotten older their children have become fans as well. It’s great.”

Their most recent album is called Reason to Feel Good. “We are an upbeat band,” Mr. Major said. “We try to concentrate on all that’s good and positive. We just want to spread a little joy.”

Mr. Major plays with the Mike Benjamin Band at the Atlantic Fish and Chop House in Edgartown on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and with the Rejuvenators Mondays at The Ritz in Oak Bluffs. He is also a member of The Grateful Dread, the Island-based Grateful Dead tribute band. Entrain will also play at the Agricultural Fair in West Tisbury on August 18.

Entrain’s lineup Saturday features Brian Alex, Kosei Yamaguchi, m’Talewa, Tom Major, Sam Holmstock, and Rick Bausman.

Music: Entrain turns 20, 9 pm, Saturday, July 27, Flatbread Co., 17 Airport Rd, Edgartown. $15. 21+. flatbreadcompany.com; 508-693-1137.