Oak Bluffs Police tame shark tournament crowds


Last year, the Oak Bluffs Police Department was overwhelmed by the swarms of sozzled spectators that descended on the town for the annual Oak Bluffs Monster Shark Tournament. This year was a different story. While the crowds were similar in number and in blood alcohol content, this year the police had the situation well in hand.

“We were as busy as we were last year, but this year we had the staff to handle it,” Lieutenant Tim Williamson said. “We had everybody working, we had guys coming in early, and we held people over from day shift. Everyone put in long days.”

Mr. Williamson said he and Chief Eric Blake were out on Saturday night until 2 am. He said that many of the calls were alcohol-related, including disorderly conduct and fights.

While some residents were concerned that the celebration of the Portuguese-American Club’s annual Holy Ghost Festival could add to the rowdy shark tournament revelry, this wasn’t the case. “That event doesn’t pose much of a problem,” said Mr. Williamson. “I believe we placed one gentleman in PC (protective custody) and one under arrest (for possession of a spring-loaded knife).”