A blockbuster in the barnyard proves a big hit

Opening credits on the side of the barn at The FARM Institute. — Photo by David Welch

The drive-in theater may be a relic of the movie business, but judging by the size of the crowd at Barnyard Movie Night, film screenings down on the farm just might catch on.

The FARM Institute invited movie fans to the Katama farm in Edgartown Sunday evening to see the popular animated film “WALL-E,” described as an animated science fiction romantic comedy about a robot with an environmental conscience.

A big screen mounted on the side of a barn gave everyone a great view. There was popcorn and ice cream sundaes. People brought chairs and blankets, and for those who didn’t, a hay bale served as a pretty good seat.

Spoiler alert: It was touch-and-go for a while, but WALL-E saved the earth.