Martha’s Vineyard bridge club results


At the Edgartown Bridge Club on Monday August 5, ten tables were in play. North-South winners were Jim Kaplan and Bob Henry, followed by Molly Mattoon and Judy Cronig in second, Patsy McCornack and Helen Colvin in third, and Dotti Arnold and Cheryl Neal in fourth. East-West winners were Judy Maynes and Ginny Hoynes, followed by Cathy Minkiewicz and Steve Allen in second, Bari Boyer and Art Spielvogel in third, and Dorothy Brannon and Gladys Segal in fourth.

At the Martha’s Vineyard Bridge Club on August 6, nine tables were in play at a membership charity game. Overall winners were Gail Farrish and Barbara McLagen, followed by Michael Lindheimer and Bob Iadicicco in second, Ann Brown and Jim Kaplan in third, Miles Jaffe and Bob Henry in fourth, and Barbara Besse and Sandy Lindheimer in fifth. Also placing in the North-South direction were Dan and Nancy Cabot in third place, followed by Gregory and Marybeth Loges in fourth, while Ken Judson and John O’Keefe finished fourth East-West.

At the Island Bridge Club on August 8, ten tables were in play. North-South winners were Michael and Sandy Lindheimer, followed by Barbara Besse and Miles Jaffe in second, Dan and Nancy Cabot in third, and Eric Stricoff and Rhonda Cohen in fourth. East-West winners were Barbara McLagen and Bob Henry, followed by Ken Judson and Sue Collinson in second, Don Nelson and Lou Winkelman in third, and Susan and Wally Epstein in fourth.

On Saturday August 10 at the Bridge Club of Martha’s Vineyard with seven tables in play, the North-South winners were Brooks Robards and Jim Kaplan, followed by Duncan Walton and Ann Brown in second, and Rhonda Cohen and Eric Stricoff in third. East-West winners were Joan Perrine and Patsy McCornack, followed by Gerry Jones and Charity Randolph in second, and Abe and Rachel Seiman in third.