Open auditions for the short film “Day 90″ this Friday


Open auditions for a short movie to be filmed on the Vineyard take place Friday September 27, 7–9 pm at The Yard in Chilmark. Vineyard native Mara Ditchfield, a recent graduate of the New York University Tisch Film School’s Asia program in Singapore, has written the script and will be directing the film.

Called “Day 90,” the film is the story of a young, quick-witted mom, living on the Vineyard, who struggles through her final day of mandatory sobriety in order to gain visitation rights to her daughter, fueling the question, can 90 days of compulsory sobriety lead to a lifetime of it?

Auditions will be held for the following roles: Female 19 to 25, lead, dry humor but with an emotional range; 24 to 28, young loving mom; 18 to 22, strung-out teen mom; 45 to 55, blue-collar, loving mom; 45 to 55, no nonsense but loving.

Also, males 20 to 26, charming but gritty; 20 to 24, partier but put together; 20 to 24, all American; 25 to 35, eccentric.