Just wait a few minutes


To the Editor:

For those who have children who attend the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, I”m sure you’ll agree that the absolute best time for construction companies and/or the Oak Bluffs Public Works Department to send a huge piece of equipment ambling over County Road toward the high school is right around 7:20 to 7:30 in the morning — just as we’re all transporting our kids to school.

I’ll tell ya, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who loves big machinery more than I do. And as much as I’m overwhelmed — almost to the point of tears — at the awesomeness of the these big yellow boys roaring down County Road at a breathtaking 15 to 20 mph, I would much rather schedule a personal field trip with the folks over at the yard so that I may marvel at the magnitude of what Caterpillar products are gracing our fair Island (a little lunch in the bucket will be one less item on my bucket list. Please pardon the redundancy.)

Considering the tardiness policy at MVRHS, considering the emissions building up in the off-season because of traffic backup behind the aforementioned mechanized Caterpillar representative hurtling down County and Edgartown-Vineyard Haven road(s), and considering the unnecessary stress that teenagers and parents don’t need before their respective days start, it might be a fine idea to maybe wait until 8 am or so to venture out of the yard to whatever destination you’re off to.

Seriously — all sarcasm aside — we all understand the need to get your work done sooner than later — you guys are out in the elements, and we truly thank you for your work.

A little reciprocal empathy would only make sense. Happy motoring.

Ray Whitaker

Oak Bluffs