Martha’s Vineyard Real Estate Transactions November 18-22, 2013



Nov. 19, Berta Giles Welch a/k/a Berts Welch, David Giles, Carla Cuch a/k/a Carla G. Cuch a/k/a Carla Giles Cuch, Adrianna Ignacio a/k/a Adrianna Giles Ignacio, Barbara Gentry a/k/a Barbara G. Gentry, trustee of the Joan G. Patadal 2010 Trust, Barbara Gentry a/k/a Barbara B. Gentry, trustee of the Barbara G. Gentry 2010 Trust, Douglas E. Vanderhoop, Cynthia Akins a/k/a Cynthia V. Akins, Melvin Colby a/k/a Melvin E. Colby, Robert MacDiarmid, Jestina Held f/k/a Jestina MacDiarmid, Martha Vanderhoop a/k/a Martha H. Vanderhoop a/k/a Martha Vanderhoop Lee, Charles Vanderhoop 3rd a/k/a Charles W. Vanderhoop 3rd, Sylvia Browne a/k/a Sylvia P. Browne, Joanne Robey f/k/a Joanne B. Vanderhoop, Michelle Lee a/k/a Michelle Howwaswee Lee, Brenda Martin a/k/a Brenda Hamilton Martin sold a lot off Moshup Trail to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation for $35,416.67.


Nov. 19, James F. O’Brien, Jr. and Erika B. O’Brien sold 25 Basin Rd. to Robert Sloane and Mary E. Larsen for $975,000.

Nov. 20, Andrew Orin Fischer and Christopher John Fischer sold 27 Cross Rip Lane to Sasann LLC for $900,000.

Nov. 22, Sue Craver f/k/a Sue C. Doherty sold Lot 1, 47 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Sarah J. and Joshua R. Mangerson for $1,125,000.

Nov. 22, Sue Craver f/k/a sue C. Doherty sold Lot 2, 47 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Vickery S. Bartels for $50,000.


Nov. 19, Edward and Susan Mackey sold 57 Martha’s Rd. to Scott A. and Kimberly A. Francolini for $620,000.

Nov. 21, Norman Vunk sold 28 Martha’s Rd. to Sean D. and Erin B. Ready for $699,000.

Nov. 22, JSDMV Realty LLC sold 19 Plantingfield Wood Circle to William P. and Denise P. Wall for $1,400,000.

Nov. 22, Paul J. and Laurie A. Bergeron sold their interest in 14 Court St. and 7 Zoll Rd. to Francis Yerardi, trustee of the Francis Yerardi Family Trust, for $480,000.

Oak Bluffs

Nov. 18, Rosie Kaser Babbitt sold 6 Hidden Cove Rd. to Angel Kelley Brown for $505,000.

Nov. 18, Jamshed K. Mir and Suzanne J. Mir sold 112 Park St. to Richard A. and Christine Schwartz for $720,000.

Nov. 20, Julie Ben David and Barbara C. Ben David sold 4 Periwinkle Lane to Gregory G. Clark for $212,500.

Nov. 18, Arthur W. Ben David, and Donald A. Ben David, trustees of the Ben David Family Trust, sold a lot on the corner of Barnes and Grovedale Rd. to Richard S. Dubin for $150,000.

Nov. 19, Santander Bank NA, f/k/a Sovereign Bank, present holder of a mortgage from Colleen McLaughlin-Miner and Carter Miner to Sovereign Bank, grants by foreclosure deed 190 Circuit Ave. to Vineyard Investments LLC for $120,000.

Nov. 20, George C. Wey sold 255 Massachusetts Ave. to Reginald and Aliya Browne for $725,000.

Nov. 21, John S. Potter, Jr. and Joan C. Potter, trustees of Potter Family Nominee Realty Trust sold 225 East Chop Dr. to Joseph G. Parham for $2,300,000.

Nov. 22, Alan S. McKim sold 293 East Chop Drive and 300 East Chop Drive to Mary Judith Meelia, trustee of the Mary Judith Meelia 1997 Revocable Trust, for $2,725,000.

Nov. 22, Timothy J. Gomes, Robin A. Voisine, Pamela A. Martin, Tammy A. Gomes and Rebecca A. Gomes sold their interest in 114 and 116 Dukes County Ave. to Donald N. Muckerheide for $2,566.66.

Nov. 22, Elaine Carroll, heir of Ernest Manuel Costa sold his interest in 114 and 116 Dukes County Rd. to Donald N. Muckerheide for $2,566.666.


Nov. 18, Claudette P. and Henry J. Crouse sold Tashmoo Wood IV Condominium Unit IV B, 187 Cove Rd. to Ronald L. Walker, Jr. for $562,500.

Nov. 22, Richard A. Mezger sold Unit 7 Woodland Center Condominium to Andrew Estrella for $205,000.

West Tisbury

Nov. 20, S. Fain Hackney Melissa M. Hackney sold 35 Luce Farm Rd. to Rebekah J. and Joshua C. Thomson for $1,485,000.

Nov. 20, Ronald and Sheryl Dagostino sold 7 Rock Pond Rd. to Melissa M. and S. Fain Hackney for $550,000.

Nov. 22, Vineyard Yoga LLC sold 24 Cournoyer Rd. to Nagy Realty LLC for $1,200,000.

Nov. 22, Anil Khosla sold 129 Oak Lane to Andy Estrella for $700,000.