Real Estate Transactions December 16-20, 2013



Dec. 18, James L. Skydell sold 72 Blueberry Ridge Lane to Vicki Skydell for $600,000.

Dec. 19, Jane Wachsler, trustee of Robert Wachsler Revocable Trust, sold 17 Tiasquam Ridge Rd. to Bruce M. Kogut and Monika M. Knutsson for $1,475,000.


Dec. 16, GYPSYPAT LLC sold 66 North St. to Liza Murrell, trustee of Murrell Family Trust 2009, for $2,828,000.

Dec. 17, Janet E. Potts, trustee of the Potts Family Realty Trust, sold Unit 7, 495 Katama Rd. to Christopher Chad Johnson a/k/a Chad Johnson and Michelle Johnson, trustees of the Christopher Chad Johnson Living Trust, and Michelle Johnson and Christopher Chad Johnson, trustees of the Michelle Johnson Living Trust, for $594,000.

Dec. 17, Robert M. and Linda A. Friedlander sold a lot on 4th St. to Alan C. Gowell for $10,000.

Dec. 18, Joann Hathaway and Kevin S. Selby sold 15 21st St. to Kimberly A. Farmer and Jesse Dean Farmer Jr. for $900,000.

Dec. 20, Helen C. Fischbeck sold 5 Tern Drive to Nadeem I. Butte and Anjum N. Butte for $629,000.

Dec. 20, Neil A. and Kimberley C. Augustine sold 82 Mattakesett Way to Lahinch LLC for $2,695,000.

Dec. 20, Joseph H. White and Sandra A. Sayers sold 22 Crafts Field Way to Anthony P. and Lisa M. Darin for $850,000.

Dec. 20, John H. Adams and Martha S. Adams, Co-trustees of the Juanita B. Vickers Living Trust sold 21 Quammox Rd. to Delphine Mendez de Leon for $468,000.

Oak Bluffs

Dec. 18, Tuckernuck MV LLC, current holder by assignment of a mortgage from Wendy A. O’Shields and Lillian E. Lippman to Mark Bulter and Eileen O’Neil, grants by foreclosure deed 53 Tuckernuck Ave. to Kenneth Scott Rountree for $309,000.

Dec. 19, Laura Hart, f/k/a Laura McQueen Enright, sold 8 Fairway Drive to Christopher and Diane Abbot for $500,000.

Dec. 20, J. Steven and Rosemary P. Neamtz sold 41 Sengekontacket Rd. to Samuel R. and Rhoda Kahn Nussbaum for $1,275,000.

Dec. 20, Pauline A. Gregory sold 72 Manchester Ave. to Donald W. Gregory for $525,000.


Dec. 18, County Mortgage LLC, holder of a mortgage from Mary Ann McMenamy, sold by foreclosure deed 39 Lagoon Pond Rd. to County REO LLC for $200,000.

Dec. 19, Michael and Mariola Ryan sold 71 State Rd. to 71 State Road MV LLC for $1,150,000.

Dec. 20, Edward Emerson Rice and Joan Ella Rice, a/k/a Joan Rice McCarthy, sold 160 Weaver Lane to David Forbes and Virginia Sherwood for $1,400,000.

Dec. 20, Robin Leeds sold 77 Cove Rd. Unit 12 to John S. Potter Jr. and Joan C. Potter, trustees of the Potter Family Nominee Realty Trust, for $665,000.

Dec. 20, John P. Govoni, Dorothy A. Giarla and Joanne Dixon, f/k/a M. Joanne Dixon Giarla, sold 25 Central Ave. to James and Elise Vieira for $480,000.

West Tisbury

Dec. 16, Robert and Allyson Novembre sold 164 Vineyard Meadow Farms Rd. to Frans C. and Kimberly B. Wethly for $950,000.