Restore Mill Pond’s ancient natural beauty


To the Editor:

When I look at the Mill Pond in West Tisbury, I see its beauty. But I also see the remnants of outdated commercialism. I see a reduction of free movement for the fish and other animals that are trapped by the dam, prevented from their travel up stream to feed and spawn.

I know, too, that I will be taxed for the maintenance of its present beauty by the proposed pond dredging. And no doubt it will be dredged again and again. But if we allow it to revert to its original state, it will cost us nothing.

Martha’s Vineyard has been known as one of the few places left for natural preservation, but how much longer will that reputation last? The longer the Mill Pond exists in its present state, the more clouded is my view of it. How I wish we could return the pond to its natural state, a healthy stream full of thriving aquatic creatures, as it was more than 100 years ago. That would be true beauty.

Heidi Schultz

West Tisbury