Vineyard Health Care Access can help


To the Editor:

In response to Nelson Sigelman’s article (Jan. 23, “State’s shift to Obamacare is far from smooth”), I’d like to offer some reassurance to anyone experiencing frustration or confusion in the transition to Obamacare. The Vineyard Health Care Access Program is available to assist residents with the entire process, from applying for subsidies or tax credits to choosing and enrolling in a health plan. Our staff are certified application counselors, trained by the Massachusetts Health Connector. We receive frequent updates from the state via email and attend regional training sessions. We have been helping Island residents since the open enrollment began on October 1 and are quite familiar with the problems and glitches.

When the online process is not working, we have been submitting paper applications, which are available in our office for anyone to obtain. While the process has been fraught with problems, the end result will be that many residents will obtain more affordable health insurance. The Access Program will help as many residents as possible until the open enrollment ends on March 31.

And, one more thing. The phone number listed in The Times for the Massachusetts Health Connector is incorrect. The number listed is the number for the  MassHealth Customer Service. The phone number for the Health Connector is 877-623-6765.

Mary Leddy

Assistant Director

Vineyard Health Care Access Program