Olympians shouldn’t pay for medals


To the Editor:

I am in the fifth grade at West Tisbury Elementary School on Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts. A few weeks ago, I came into school and told my teacher that I thought it was wrong that U.S. Olympic athletes have to pay up  to $9,000 for a gold medal. My teacher didn’t believe me. Neither did the other teacher in fifth grade. So I went home and told my dad, and my dad contacted my teacher. Now she knows that all U.S. medal winners at the Olympics have to pay for their medals. I don’t think that most Americans know this, and I don’t think that most Americans would agree with this. I think you should put this on the national news because the Olympics are currently on TV, and it is very newsworthy. Please run a piece on the the cost of Olympic medals for our U.S. athletes. Maybe we can change the system.

Maria Frangos

West Tisbury