Edgartown’s water will clear soon, official says


Some Edgartown residents will have awakened to discolored water this morning.  Shane Ben David, chief operator for the town water department, explains that the town is working to supply water pressure to the town of Oak Bluffs, because its water department is doing work on a town standpipe.

“The gate to the Oak Bluffs system was opened yesterday, and it will be open until the latter part of May,” Mr. Ben David said. “We’re supplying water pressure to Oak Bluffs water district. This is something that’s done every 15 to 20 years.”

Mr. Ben David said the water is discolored because of turbulence that stirs sediments in the pipes, turbulence that was increased as Oak Bluffs firefighters drew water when they struggled with a house fire Wednesday evening. He said the water is safe to drink, but he cautioned against doing so if the water is “too darkish brown” in appearance.

“It’s just iron in the water,” he said. “We’re working on flushing the hydrants today, so it may continue throughout the system, but it should clear up soon.”