Oak Bluffs Circuit Avenue mainstay gets major makeover

Architectural drawing of the Lampost exterior renovation, with new patio seating.

The Lampost, the venerable nightclub and bar on Circuit Avenue, built in the Victorian heyday of Oak Bluffs, will re-open on April 1 with a new facade that harkens back to its roots.

The long wall that fronts Circuit Avenue will be replaced with patio seating and a bank of windows. There will also be patio seating down below, at The Dive Bar.

“At one time, The Lampost had patios,” said co-owner Adam Cummings in a recent phone interview with The Times. Mr. Cummings, along with Janet Cummings, Andrew Dyer, and James Hayes bought The Lampost from Peter Martell 10 years ago.

“We know it’s been an eyesore. We’ve been talking about doing this for about five years,” Mr. Cummings said. “First, we had to put on a new roof. Now, with the big push from the town to improve Circuit Avenue, we figured it was time to do the facade. The town has been great about the permitting process.”

Mr. Cummings said the work will be done by the customary April Fool’s opening. “We’re working around the clock to be done by then,” he said. “Mo O’Connor [architect], Damien Carter [Dyer Construction], and Al King [Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches] have worked tirelessly to make our timetables.”

Sometime after it opens, The Lampost will add a new kitchen. Plans are to expand the menu choices from last year’s successful collaboration with Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches to include “good pub food at a good price,” according to Mr. Cummings.

Mr. Cummings and his co-owners have long-standing ties to the Lampost — they all worked there in the 1990s.

Mr. Cummings is upbeat about the future of Circuit Avenue. “I was here last weekend and it seemed like everybody was on the street, and had something going on at their buildings. I’ve never seen that before,” he said.