Aquinnah: Crocuses and birthdays


There are crocuses coming up in my yard. They are still in the tiny green shoot phase, but they are coming up nonetheless. This past Saturday was so lovely that the mood of the entire Island seemed remarkably elevated. Everyone I came into contact with seemed happy and talkative. It felt like a thaw of sorts. I know it’s supposed to snow this week, but now I feel like I can handle it because we had that little respite and surely more warm weather is coming?

The Aquinnah Public Library has many spring activities coming up. This Saturday kids can make shamrocks out of coffee filters; on March 22 the seed swap will kick off and kids can plant seeds; and on Saturday, March 29, it will be Origami day for kids. All Saturday craft times are from 12  noon to 3 pm. This past Saturday kids gathered to decorate cupcakes and then run outside in the sunshine to burn off the sugar. Emmett Taylor was there with his little sister Tillie and his mom Noli in tow. They recently returned from visiting grandparents Hugh and Jean Taylor in the Bahamas, and they all looked tanned and rested.

Good luck to Fynn Monahan who will represent the Chilmark School at the 2014 Island-wide Spelling Bee. The spelling bee will be held tomorrow, Friday, March 14, at the M.V. Performing Arts Center at 9:30 am. Menasha Leport (also from Aquinnah) will serve as alternate. Go Fynn.

Of course, this evening kicks off the 14th Annual Martha’s Vineyard Film Festival. Tonight John Turturro’s new film, “Fading Gigolo,” will be shown at Edgartown Cinemas, at 4 and 7pm. Then on Friday everything will move up to Chilmark for movies, food, and music all weekend long. New this year is a free kids’ program, including films and workshops. Some kids’ films coincide with regular programming so you can drop your child off at their film and then go see yours. On Saturday, 1:30–5:30 pm, there will be a documentary making workshop for kids of all ages. For a complete list of films and activities, go to

I know that I complain a lot about winter here, but something happened this week that took the cake. We found a small deer frozen to death under our deck. Which is so very sad and felt like the last insult I was willing to take from this winter. Not sure exactly what to do with it, we called Town Hall and the environmental police and found out we had to dispose of it ourselves. I need to give a shout out to Gabe Bradley of All-Phaze Excavation, who came to our house and helped us move and bury the poor creature, on a Saturday no less. He then gave my son and his friends Claus and Clovis Smith a ride on his cool, all terrain golf cart. They loved it. Thank you, Gabe!

Happy Birthday to (get ready, it’s kind of a long list when you consider how few people live in our town): Lisa Vanderhoop and Ken Wentworth who both celebrate today, Richard Skidmore (Friday), Michael Stutz and Rodeo T. Purves-Langer (both on Sunday), and Amera Ignacio, who will celebrate on Wednesday. Don’t you think that’s a lot of birthdays in one week for a small town?