Dana Edelman & His Slammin’ Band jammed at Katharine Cornell


Dana Edelman & His Slammin’ Band, featuring drummer Victor Jones, guitarist Chris Foley, bassist Eric Johnson, and special guest vocalist Jaiden Edelman, Dana’s 11-year-old son, played to a crowd of about 50 at the Katharine Cornell Theatre Saturday evening, April 26.

“It was a great time, a happy night,” Mr. Edelman said. “I am very happy with the band and how they perform my music.”

The band played a variety of his music, much of it what Mr. Edelman calls family music, some country, some blues, and some rock and roll. The crowd was composed of friends, friends with families, a lot of kids, and fans of the Youtube version of the song Dana and Jaiden performed at the concert called, “The Massachusetts Song (You Athol).”

Mr. Edelman, of West Tisbury, scores music for videos and advertising professionally. He said he expects to perform around the Island this summer although the only set date so far is in August when the band will play a fund raiser for the West Tisbury Library at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.