Appalling disrespect


To the Editor:

To the person who dumped sand and rocks on the plantings surrounding my father’s gravestone at Oak Grove Cemetery in Vineyard Haven: You have successfully killed most of the plantings that my family has planted over the past 19 years. I cannot fathom that a person would do this to anyone’s grave, let alone one with an American flag and Vietnam War marker. I don’t know why you chose this particular grave, but you should be ashamed of yourself. Your disrespect for others, the dead, and this country is appalling.

On a positive note, after being made aware of this situation, the Tisbury department of public works responded quickly. A DPW crew promptly cleaned up the debris and removed the dead plant material. My mother said they were very pleasant and disturbed that this had happened and checked with her later to be certain that everything was cleaned up to her satisfaction.

Ross MacPherson

Plympton and Vineyard Haven