Poets’ Corner: Just Like Me


If you can’t deny that things have changed

And life, as before, is rearranged

If you once were warm but now feel colder

Accept the truth; you’re getting older.

If thin skin itches and you need to scratch

If you worry that your clothes don’t match

If you tightly squint your failing eyes

If you assume the mirror lies

When it shows you otherwise;

If you drive your car but forget to where

Yet somehow, safely you got there;

If you find it hard to retrieve a word

And repeat old stories already heard;

If suddenly you just stop to stare

If you search for loved ones no longer here,

Wanting them to reappear ;

If at times you become moody,

Solitary and a bit broody;

If your clothing has become too long,

If you fret and stamp and act forlorn,

Admit you’ve shrunk, proceed with haste,

Pull up your pants above your waist,

If you splash in puddles happily,

And couldn’t care if anyone might see,

Your timeless joy and jubilee,

If you stress about your whitening hair,

If younger friends now call you “dear,”

If you don pajamas at half past four

Hoping no one knocks upon your door,

If you enjoy jumping into bed at night

To read your books by one bright light ,

If you slowly sip on bedtime tea

While watching old movies on TV,

The heat turned high at seventy,

If you get up many times to pee,

If you sleep and dream haphazardly,

If you are wide awake at half-past three,

If you watch moon shadows cast a glow,

If you enjoy the dark night show,

If you are grateful for your many years

If you embrace your joy and accept your tears,

If all these things have come to be —

Celebrate! My friend

You are just like me!

Doris Lubell, 82 years old, is a year-round Edgartown resident.