Chilmark police rescue fawn to no avail

The policeman and the fawn.

Chilmark police often receive calls related to vehicles striking deer. On Wednesday morning, police received a call from a delivery person who had found a very young fawn while making a delivery in the Squibnocket section of town.

Chilmark police chief Brian Cioffi said the man wrapped the fawn in a shirt and brought it to his truck. Police retrieved the animal and put it in a dog crate in the station where, with the assistance of West Tisbury animal control officer Joanie Jenkinson, they attempted to feed it milk through an eye dropper.

Chief Cioffi said the prognosis for the animal, which appeared sickly and weak, did not appear good. The deer died that afternoon. “The deer was buried behind our station by the flowers,” Chief Cioffi said.

Mr. Cioffi said the mother might have been scared off and might have returned, or could have abandoned the sickly fawn. In either case, he said, it is always best to let nature take its course and not do anything that adds human scent which will deter the mother from returning.