A cowardly act


To the Editor:

For the last 20 years I have had a boat and I also have been fortunate enough to have a mooring in Nashaquitsa Pond in Chilmark. On Sunday with my son Taylor, we launched my boat, the Long Leash, around midday at the boat ramp in Chilmark off State Road by the bridge and set the mooring tackle in its customary spot. What a glorious day it was. Since it was so nice and practically flat calm, I returned home, dropped off my trailer and then went back to the boat ramp for my maiden voyage of the year to go out and try and find some fish. Returning to the parking lot at the boat ramp, I took the last parking spot of seven up near the guard rail. I am always fortunate when I find a space in the lot and can load and go. After a beautiful two hours on the sound, I found no fish and returned to my mooring and then to the parking lot at the boat ramp. As I paddled in to the landing, the lot was almost empty. As I got closer, I could see pieces of my car in the dirt and damage to the right passenger door and rear quarter. I was the victim of a sideswiping while parked. No note, no witnesses and a cowardly exit. A cowardly act of evasion of responsibility.

When I parked, there was a small whitish sedan parked on my left. Spaces are always tight in that lot, but there was plenty of room for me to get out and walk between the cars. I am not certain that the driver of that sedan could do that kind of damage to my black Toyota 4Runner so I have no clue. A friend of mine saw my post on Facebook and said that he was passing by the ramp and saw a large dark vehicle trying to maneuver along side of my truck. He had no reason to pay any mind as he passed by.

I realize that the Island is simply a microcosm of the rest of the world and bad things happen in the world. I hold the Island and the beautiful town of Chilmark to a higher standard. Never would I expect that this kind of damage could or would be done to a parked car in a parking lot at the boat ramp. If someone was to make a mistake, I would expect a higher standard and that the driver would take the responsibility for their actions and not flee like a coward.

This happened sometime between approximately 1:45pm and 4:15pm on Sunday. If anyone has any information or the driver would like to reconsider and come forward, I would be very grateful.

Wayne “Duke” Smith

West Tisbury