Young gardeners share their thoughts

Katie Ogden, Natalie Pil, Isabel Vogt, and Riley Leonard having fun harvesting kale at Norton Farm during a gleaning field trip. — Photo Courtesy of Elissa Lash

Vineyard Haven School teacher Kim Moore’s second graders worked this year with Elissa Lash and Claire Lafave of Island Grown Schools to learn about food, where it comes from, and how it grows. They tried cooking and eating new vegetables, planting, and harvesting. The class ended the year by writing free-form poetry about the garden. Here is a sampling of their efforts:

“I feel” by Chandler Strelecki

I feel the wind

it made my hair swish back and forth

with a breeze just right for the garden

The dirt was warm and soft

I heard the wind blow leaves around

and then a dog barking

all this made me think of my dad

“Our garden” by Gerry Kane

Dogs barking

red worms squirming

our happy garden

getting dirty

with warm wet dirt

proud garden

“My Happy Garden” by Isabel Carreno Vogt

Look over there

a wiggly worm

I like to see our garden grow.

Feel the warmth on the garden

Look at the plants growing

I smell the leaves in our garden

I love my garden

“Worms” by Katie Ogden

I feel nervous because I did not want to hurt anything

I feel curious because I admire the worms of the garden

I feel sad because I don’t get to see them often

I really love worms because they help our garden