Police locate, arrest Leandro Miranda, wanted for multiple driving violations

Photo by Susan Safford

Edgartown police, acting on information provided by Oak Bluffs police, arrested Leandro Miranda Friday afternoon on a default warrant at a Millers Professionals Inc. jobsite on Clevelandtown Road in Edgartown, according to a press release.

The court issued a default warrant for his arrest after Mr. Miranda, 23, failed to appear in court Monday, August 11, for his scheduled arraignment in connection with his latest arrest Sunday, August 10 for operating a motor vehicle without a license. Mr. Miranda posted $600 cash bail Sunday night and was released from the Dukes County jail. On Monday, the court forfeited his $600.

Police have now arrested Mr. Miranda, most recently of Oak Bluffs, five times since March 2. In two of those arrests, he was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol, and fleeing police in his vehicle at high speeds.

At a hearing in Edgartown District Court Friday, presiding justice H. Gregory Williams ordered Mr. Miranda held without bail.

“I’m going to be holding Mr. Miranda on the warrant until Monday, August 18,” Judge Williams said. A court officer interpreted for Mr. Miranda, a Brazilian national, who sat in handcuffs and leg shackles. “Probation has moved for detention. The Commonwealth will be moving to revoke bail, and requesting bail in the new case. We’ll see what happens at that time,” Judge Williams said.

At a July 10 hearing following Mr. Miranda’s third arrest on a charge of driving without a license, Judge Williams made it clear that if he got caught driving without a license again, the consequences would be severe. “If you even think of driving a car without a valid license, which you won’t get for a quite a while, you’re going to jail,” Judge Williams said at the earlier hearing.

As part of a plea agreement disposition of his first two cases at the July hearing, Judge Williams issued a six month suspended sentence, along with two years of probation. Mr. Miranda was free after posting $5,000 bail, which he may have to forfeit because he did not show up for his last court appearance.