Forecasts for August 18-24, 2014


Island astrologer Arlan Wise shares her astrological forecasts with us each week on Mondays. This column is like a cosmic weather report. It is written for everyone based on the sign the moon is in that day and what the planets are doing. Don’t be confused by the signs. This is not like the usual Sun sign astrology columns you see. Go to and click on How To Read this Column for a full explanation. To arrange a personal reading, phone her at 1-(508)-645-9292.

August starts with Mars challenging Jupiter. The tension and conflicts we saw in July will continue and escalate. It will be hard to find a place to compromise as two sides each feel they are in the right. You can use this energy to spur you on to new levels of creativity if you reject negative emotions and act from a place of love.
August ends with Mars joining Saturn. They are good at bringing things to completion. Intense is the world to describe August. Try to stay happy and open and honest to avoid discord in your life. Pray for peace.

Monday, August 18 – Moon in Gemini. Today is a lucky day. It’s especially auspicious for Leos, children, artists, and lovers. Send your creative work out to be seen. Promote yourself to the public. Venus and Jupiter meet and tell you to have confidence in yourself and that you can make your dreams come true. They unlock your writer’s block and tell you to get on with it.

Tuesday, August 19 – Moon in Gemini. It’s the day to take care of answering emails, returning phone calls, and mailing documents. It’s also good for sending in applications and proposals. Contact your siblings and catch up on their news. Talk with your neighbors to see if there are any local problems you can help with. Sit down and write that thing that’s been loitering in your mind.

Wednesday, August 20 – Moon in Cancer. Your feelings will catch up to you today. Sit with them and sort them into useful ones to ponder and self-pitying ones to let go of. It’s a fertile day for any planting and another good day to preserve food to have in the winter. Call Mom and see what’s going on in her world. Go swimming or boating if you can.

Thursday, August 21 – Moon in Cancer, VC 3:34 pm. Do tomorrow’s important work today. A long VC period starts this afternoon. You’ll feel where people, especially family members, are lying or withholding truth from you and you’ll need to speak out about it. Bring matters up from the darkness. Cook your favorite summer comfort foods for dinner.

Friday, August 22 – Moon VC Cancer. Today is the last day of Leo so go out and enjoy the best that summer has to offer. Have an impromptu potluck party outside on the beach or in a park. Have a fling with someone you’ve had your eye on all summer. Spend time in the garden or yard to plant and weed. Take the kids to the water or to somewhere special like a county fair.

Saturday, August 23 – Moon in Leo. The Sun enters Virgo at 12:46 am. The moon touches Jupiter and Venus to make today a loving and happy one. Put your worries and problems on the shelf and go have fun. Do those things that you can only do in summer, the ones you didn’t get a chance to do or didn’t do enough.  Mars and Chiron team up to enhance any healing you are doing, both physical and psychological.

Sunday, August 24 – Moon VC Leo. It’s another day to be on vacation from all the things you should be doing. Do what makes you happy. Let your inner child out to play with other kids and enjoy the moments. Have a carefree day since you don’t get very many. Tonight is the dark of the moon. Go outside and appreciate the dark sky.