Chilmark selectmen approve community center vestibule design

Chilmark selectmen will consider recommendations to hike some fees for the use of the popular Chilmark Community Center. — Photo by Michael Cummo

Chilmark selectmen Tuesday approved a proposed improvement plan for the Chilmark Community Center vestibule. They also discussed the installation of new double doors and the replacement of the center’s flooring, which is buckling.

Selectmen approved a vestibule improvement design plan by Stefanov Architects of Boston for up to $35,000. Because this exceeds the center’s $17,000 approved in an earlier warrant article, the town will look for a significant contribution from the Town Affairs Council and the joint maintenance budget, if needed.

Chilmark town custodian Rodney Bunker recommended that the projects possibly should be broken into two phases; taking care of the exterior issues now and the interior issue later. Mr. Bunker explained, however, that custom-ordered $600 doors would take three to six weeks to arrive, pushing the project into October.

On the topic of the floor, selectman Bill Rossi said, “Until we have control over the interior climate of the building we are going to have this buckling problem forever.”

Selectman Warren Doty recommended that the town pay for a formal study of the building’s needs and follow its recommendations. His colleagues agreed.

In other renovation business, selectmen voted to endorse a request for $65,000 in Community Preservation Act funds to restore the south façade and the old sidewalls of town hall.

Selectmen also agreed to create a new curb cut on South Road for an access road to four affordable home site lots at Nabs Corner.

Chilmark Police Chief Brian Cioffi won approval to fill a vacancy in the department. Chief Cioffi said that he is partial to hiring someone from the local community. In other business, Chief Cioffi said that the Menemsha satellite parking lot needs to be better advertised next summer, but it is a benefit. “Even if there are 15 cars up there, that’s 15 less cars at Menemsha,” Chief Cioffi said.

The presidential visit also came up for discussion. Selectmen agreed that the Presidential visit has created minimal disruption. One complaint was voiced. Lobstermen had been prevented from checking their lobster traps off the vacation compound. This was news to Chief Cioffi, who excused himself from the meeting. When he returned he said, “The fishermen can check their traps within the legal daylight hours. I made contact.”