Poets’ Corner: Living in October


Whirling, swirling,

furled leaves from nature’s wooden bedposts

blanketing Mother Earth in a patchwork quilt

preserving summer’s residual warmth

cobalt blue skies changing the temperature of my thoughts,

preparing my mind for the idea that summer will retreat

October winds blowing me backward

forcing me to accept the change of seasons.

My determination to resist has no effect,

so I accept the terms and wait for the next phase,

now determined to embrace October,

enjoying her harvest,

wrapping her patchwork quilt around my senses,

breathing her crisp, celestial spirit,

bathing in her moist, foggy, artesian dew.

Apple pies and woodpiles fill my dreams,

food for thought and warmth for my bones.

Living in October feels like home.

We all prepare —

plants, animals and humans —

prepare for the dormant life, biological freeze.

So live in October, laugh in October, love October.

Press its juices into the sweetest cider

then rest,

knowing winter’s arrest will not stop

spring’s renewal

or summer’s passions.

The cool and blustery wind

the seasons cycle spin

we’re living now within

stop the wheel.


living in October.

Lenny Hall is a student and observer of life without formal credentials, who finds inspiration on Martha’s Vineyard.