Vineyard Gazette numbers slide slightly


The Vineyard Gazette’s total average print circulation slid in the past 12 months, the newspaper reported last week.

Average circulation for the 12-month period that ended August 29, 2014, counting subscription and newsstand sales declined from 8,188 copies to 8,009.

Off-Island (outside Dukes County) paid subscriptions declined from 3,371 to 3,034.

On-Island (in-county) paid subscriptions declined from 1,842 to 1,725.

There was an increase in the category of paid distribution outside the mails (newsstands and dealers). That figure jumped from 2,891 to 3,115.

The Gazette’s average weekly on-Island circulation, including subscriptions (1,725) and newsstand sales (3,115), was 4,840 copies

The numbers were reported October 31 in the Edgartown weekly’s U.S. Postal Service Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation, published annually in October, a requirement of publications mailed at second-class postal rates.

The Vineyard Gazette’s owner is Jerome Kohlberg of Mt. Kisco, New York. A longtime seasonal Island resident, Mr. Kohlberg is a financier widely acknowledged as a leveraged buyout pioneer, first with Bear Stearns and later with Kohlberg, Kravis, Roberts.

Mr. Kohlberg founded his own investment firm, Kohlberg & Company, now run by his son, with headquarters in Mt. Kisco.