Chappy, liquid

What a difference a week makes.

Photo by Doug Burke

Last week, we published a video that Cornelius Sullivan produced with a drone. Solid ice had coated Edgartown harbor, stranding the Chappy Ferry on the Edgartown side, and Chappaquiddick residents on their side. Ferry owner and Captain Peter Wells, with the help of an excavator, freed the ferry (and the Chappaquiddickers).

A week really matters. On Saturday, March 14, Doug Burke took the photo (above) of the ferry crossing a glassy, entirely liquid harbor.

We asked Doug how he got this phantom image, and here’s what he told us: “It was about 5:45 am, and I had pulled up to Memorial Wharf. An SUV pulled up on the other side.” The ferry captain hopped in the boat a few minutes before the usual 6 am run to fetch the driver on Chappy. “By the time I got set up, the ferry was on the Chappy side. I had just started taking the shot when it left Chappy.” Doug left the shutter open for 24 minutes, at f22. “I was shooting with a Canon, on a tripod obviously, on ‘Bulb’ mode. I got lucky, for the boat never left again until the sun was up, and the lights had gone out. So I caught half of one round trip.”

We featured some of Doug’s photos in this story on the Oak Bluffs fish pier last spring.

Doug is one of several “mentees” of Island fine art photographer Alison Shaw, and has been coming to the Island since the mid 1980’s, when his parents owned a cottage here.

He works now as the director of sales for a division of EMC, a computer storage company based in Hopkinton.

“But I try to get down to the Vineyard every other week,” he said,  to a cottage he bought a while back on Hines Point.

You can see more of Doug’s work at and on his Facebook page, Doug Burke Photography.