Vineyard wins annual Sandcastle gymnastics meet

Vineyarder Caroline Dolby performs on beam behind NESA gymnasts captivated by a Vineyard floor routine. – Photo by Michael Cummo

Island Gymnastics hosted the annual Sandcastle gymnastics meet against the New England Sports Academy (NESA) in West Tisbury on March 29. A total of 40 girls and boys competed in floor, bars, beam, vault, and rings. The Vineyard team took first place for the second year in a row with a combined score of 112.1, narrowly edging NESA’s combined score of 109.72.

In the gold division, Rose Herman placed third for vault (8.75), second for bars (9.4), and first for both beam (9.4) and floor (9.8), giving her first place overall. Taybor Estrella placed second overall after nabbing first for both vault and bars, and third on floor. Isabelle Murphy took home third place overall after scoring 9.1 on beams.

In the silver division, Ashtyn Watts placed first on vault (8.75), second on beam (9.4), and second on floor (8.65), good enough to be the overall champion. Second place overall went to Alexa Schroeder, who placed third on bars and third on beam. Michaela Benefit placed second for bars (8.9), and third overall.

In the Bronze Junior division, Alicia Texieria had a high score of 8.0 for floor; Caroline Dolby placed third on vault (7.9), third on beam (8.6), and third on floor (8.4), and was third overall.

In the Bronze Intermediate division, Arianna Edelman placed first in all events and won the group; she scored a 9.0 in vault, 9.0 in bars, 9.4 in beam, and 9.7 in floor. Charlotte Watts placed second for floor and third in beam, taking second place overall. Third place went to Baylie Meyer after nabbing third in vault and floor, and second in bars.

In the Bronze Child division, Jane Coogan placed third for vault (8.55), and second for beam (9.05). Emily Coogan placed third for bars (8.55), while Sarah Goodale placed first on vault (8.8).

In the Bronze Youth division, August Warner took home first overall place after scoring first on beam (9.3), second on bars (8.0), and third on vault (8.1). Ashley DeSilva placed second overall after winning vault (8.6) and beam (9.0), and coming in third for bars (7.9). Bess Carbon took first in bars, second on beam, and third on floor, to finish third overall.