Gay Head Lighthouse relocation project prompts change in traffic, parking

Aquinnah announced a series of parking and travel restrictions in connection with the upcoming relocation of the Gay Head Lighthouse. – Photo courtesy of the Town of Aquinnah — Photo courtesy of the Town of Aq

In anticipation of the relocation of the Gay Head Lighthouse, Aquinnah selectmen voted to make temporary changes to the traffic patterns around Aquinnah circle; these went into effect Wednesday, April 15. Parking will be very limited during the excavation and relocation time period. Town Administrator Adam Wilson urges drivers to use caution when arriving around the circle.

From 7 am to 7 pm, traffic will be allowed through the security fenced area to the parking and bus stop area up by the cliff shops. From 7 pm to 7 am, the gates to the security fenced area will be closed and locked. A turnaround area will be designated in front of the upper gate fence, so that traffic can go back down the circle road. From 7 pm on, traffic will be two ways up the left side of the circle. The relocation project is expected to continue until May 25.