Get Growing! From Your Garden to Your Fork

Have fun and eat well with new How to Garden classes.

Photo courtesy of MV Agricultura

“Know your farmer, know your food” is a common phrase in food circles today.

Based on the notion that the best way to know your food is to produce it in your own garden, Slow Food MV and the MV Agricultural Society are sponsoring an Island-wide food-growing project this season called Get Growing!
You will learn if you’re using nutrient-rich healthy soil, whether the seed is organic or GMO free, and whether any pesticides or chemical fertilizers are being used. By creating your own garden-to-fork cycle, you’ll know that the food you eat is “good” for you, is “clean” and (hopefully) free of chemicals, and “fair” — because you produced it.
The program organizers are aiming to increase homegrown food production on the Island by encouraging those wishing to start a garden to Get Growing! and to further support those who already garden.

Nursery offerings begin April 25th. Middletown Nursery, Vineyard Gardens, Heather Gardens and Jardin Mahoney’s Garden Center will each offer opportunities ranging from “How to Garden” classes to home consultations at which they will help set up home food gardens; participating nurseries will offer discounts on seeds and seedlings as well.
The Greenhouse (COMSOG) in Oak Bluffs is making growing plots available and donating seedlings to serve the “food-insecure community” on the Island through the Vineyard Committee on Hunger’s Serving Hands program. This promotion is a partnership between COMSOG and Serving Hands to provide people on food stamps the opportunity to grow veggies at COMSOG. Many don’t have a place outdoors for a garden nor transportation to get to a community garden typically on farms.

The other promotions, include: Middletown nursery will hold “How to grow” classes for eight weeks Vineyard Gardens will feature a drawing in which the winner will get help setting up a home vegetable garden;  Heather Gardens is offering discounts on vegetable plants; Mahoney’s is offering edible container garden classes, and Morning Glory is doing a drawing for a load of compost delivered to your garden.

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